Daniel Boone Engraving

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Daniel Boone Engraving – Engravings are original (not reproductions) 18th and 19th century copper and steel engraved prints. Engravings come with a double acid free ivory outer mat and black inner mat with 1/4 inch offset.

Daniel Boone Engraving

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Choose either cherry finish frame or gold finish frame.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Ten day return privilege.


  • Frames are available for each Daniel Boone Engraving print.
  • Frames come in a cherry finish 13″ x 10″ wood frame or gold tone finish 13″ x 10″ wood frame.
  • Frames include plexi-glass, backing board, hanging wire and hooks – all ready for hanging.
  • See Frames for details.


  • Price is $115.00 for print, mat and cherry wood finish frame.
  • Price is $115.00 for print, mat and gold tone finish frame.
  • No cost shipping in U.S.

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Cherry Frame Golden Frame Engraving
DBE-1W DBE-1G Daniel Boone antique engraving.